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Замена пыльника шрус тойота приус 20 - Duration: 20:26. by Sany Kalinin 989 views.  Шаровая Королла, учимся восстанавливать - Duration: 7:03. by Тарас Соловьев 110  Замена пыльника видео инструкция - Duration: 5:59. by Сергей Иванов 340,486 views.
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Replacing the starter in the 2004 Toyota Corolla is not all that difficult if you know the tricks. Everyone who has posted how-to information online about replacing the starter on this model and year, have reported that accessing the upper mounting bolt (one of two mounting bolts) is the hardest part of this project. Indeed it is. Nearly every source and article I read clearly said that to access that bolt, you would need to remove other component

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