Gorilla Glass 3 краш тест видео

Видео, клипы, ролики смотреть онлайн Горило Лаз. Песни и mp3: Горило Лаз — слушать онлайн или скачать mp3.  Краш-тест стекла Gorilla Glass 2.mp4. СМОТРЕТЬ.

Official Site Link: This video demonstrates the hardness of the Auxus ONE against scratches and damage with tools such as Tweezers, Screw-Driver, Knife, Hammer and a final ultimate test with nail hammering.The Auxus ONE sustained and withstood all the test with charm with zero damage and scratches.NOTE: Kindly bear with the atmospheric noises in the Video as we do not want to edit or touch-up this Video and wanted to present it in its raw unedited format.

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